Déjà View

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Army photo / Sgt. Jon Heinrich

The optic lens on a U.S. soldier's weapon shows view of an old Russian observation point from the Marawara District Center in Kunar province, Feb. 7.


Kunar is a small, rocky province  on Afghanistan's eastern "border," its location shown here-

Small though it is, ISAF fatalities in Kunar have totaled 177, more than in any other province except the much larger ones Helmand and Kandahar.

The Langley Intelligence Group (LIGNET) reported on January 30, 2013 that “Afghan’s Kunar Province Fast Becoming Al-Qaeda's Nerve Center.” LIGNET went on to say, “Kunar, a rocky Afghanistan province on the Pakistan border, has become a strategic territory for recruiting, breeding and training members of al-Qaeda and its regional franchises.

60 minutes, Sep 30, 2012
One place where things have gone wrong is in the mountains of Kunar in the east of the country, which has become al Qaeda's base of operations in Afghanistan today. These are enemy fighters and leaders filmed there by our Afghan cameraman who visited a number of different enemy camps. We couldn't go ourselves because it's too dangerous for Westerners to travel on their own to Kunar. They told our cameraman that they work side-by-side with al Qaeda and share their ideology.


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