Chemical Warfare: Air Force Core Competency

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That would be for the Mesquite Grove Golf Course at Dyess AFB, Texas an 18-hole course, "one of the best maintained in West Texas." (therefore the herbicide)
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Dyess AFB is home of 7th Bomb Wing. Located just outside Abilene, Texas.  It is named in honor of Texas native and Bataan Death March survivor Lieutenant Colonel William Dyess.

In case you're not fortunate enough to live in West Texas (home of the Marfa lights), here is a guide to 64 other Air Force golf courses in the States and overseas, including:
-England (1), Germany (2), Guam (1), Italy (1), Japan (3), Korea (2) and Turkey (1)

There are a number of Air force golf jokes, like what's the first thing the Air Force builds at a new base?
"Airmen take a lot of ribbing for being what some view as the softer service. They endure jokes about spending more time in golf-course bunkers than in desert war zones. They’re mocked as members of the “chair force,” perhaps because some at stateside bases fly unmanned aircraft on war-zone missions, then go home for dinner.

"Indeed, most airmen’s jobs don’t have the swagger factor that comes with the sort of ground-pounder duty carried out by soldiers and Marines. To be fair, though, many airmen can hold their own against anyone of any service. Think of the grit and guts required to be a joint terminal attack controller a pararescueman or war-zone aviator."

But that doesn't account for all the tough training as described in the Air Force editorial quoted above, an editorial entitled:
"No more golf jokes"


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