Knight Patrol

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Marine photo / Sgt. Pete Thibodeau

A soldier protects his buddies as they move to set up a remote outpost near Herat Feb. 17.


And a Marine isn't a soldier, unless they now have Marine photogs snapping soldiers, which I doubt.


Marines in Herat? They've never been there before. That's a province in the far west of Afghanistan, Iran's area of interest. But this is the new look of Afghanistan -- MARSOC. (Marine Spec Ops)

The full photo caption follows, which TIME didn't give us: (The last sentence is ISAF boilerplate BS.)

A coalition force member maintains security during a movement to establish a temporary patrol base with Afghan National Army Special Forces in Herat province, Afghanistan, Feb. 17, 2013. Coalition force members and ANASF conducted satellite patrols from a temporary patrol base in order to lure insurgents out of hiding. Afghan National Security Forces are taking the lead in security operations to bring security and stability to the people of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan


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