Leverage Your Clearance!

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Many ads hop-scotching across the Washington, D.C., radio airwaves seek highly-trained workers possessing Top Secret security clearances for Company X’s new Pentagon project or Company Y’s new government contract.

It’s somewhat unnerving, in a gauzy taxpayer kind of way, to hear these day after day.

Over the weekend, Battleland got an email from an outfit calling itself TSSkills:

TSSkills Creates Talent Pool of Job Seekers with Top Secret + Clearances, Streamlining the Recruitment Process for Federal Government Contractors and Agencies

…the email says.

It continues:

TSSkills offers a free service option for Employers to post TS+ jobs for free, knowing that only qualified, vetted persons can apply. This significantly reduces the time expenditure in locating and recruiting such talent. Additional site benefits are available for employers, including proposal support. Ultimately, TSSkills offers a low-cost, low-energy alternative to filling highly specialized staffing needs…TSSkills is an opportunity portal for individuals with a Top Secret (“TS”) or higher security clearance from the federal government.

“TS Skills,” it adds, “is also a way for major prime partners to meet their small business goals.”

“Leverage your Clearance,” the company logo states. A quick review of the site doesn’t detail who pays the freight, although it suggests the contractors seeking TS-cleared individuals do:

Proposal/Bid Support – let TSSkills build your next winning team and manage the Letter of Intent Process. Register today and start posting your hot positions for free!

That, in turn, suggests that ultimately the taxpayer picks up a chunk, if not all, of it.

Opportunity portal, indeed.

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In WaPo's 2010 expose of the "intelligence" business, it was revealed that there were 854,000 people with "Top Secret" Clearance -- “Top Secret” shall be applied to information, the unauthorized disclosure of which reasonably could be expected to cause exceptionally grave damage to the national security.

Grave damage to national security -- you mean like invading Iraq?

Anyhow, let's look at Census figures on how many people work for the federal government, as compared to the 845K.

ooops -- "Data for the 2011 Federal Government are not available at this time."

I figured the Census, the same people who mis-report unemployment every month, seriously understating it, wouldn't know how many people are employed in the federal government but I had to check. I mean, it makes sense when you think about it.

Now did a study of the WaPo figues, and when he added up all the people employed by the military, including active military officers, state department and homeland security etc. and still had a balance of  267,000, and there would be some contractors included in that figure. Still, it's a large number. Where are they?

So I think TSSkills has a good thing going here, with so many people to draw from. Reminds me of the guy that asked the pediatrician how he like his job, and he replied I love it -- I have so many guys working for me. I think there's a connection there somewhere.


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