“We're going to have to cut 70% of the money we have available to run our installations. So we're going to be able to pay for water, heat and that's about it. And air conditioning, depending on where you are.”
— General Ray Odierno, the Army chief of staff, speaking at the Brookings Institution Feb. 15, on the the impact of the looming 10% budget cut that would be imposed by sequestration beginning March 1.
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Everyone is a grandstander, over dramatic, and political. No is ready to give a little. If this guy truly is getting 30% cut then others are having no cuts. It is only supposed to be about 9 % for all. I defy any organization to not be able to cut 9%, especially in government. There is always a guy who no one knows what he does. There is always needless expense, say overnight packages instead of priority. Eliminate unused buildings. Reduce what you order. Lower thermostat in winter, raise in summer, use a fan. Drive slower, it will save gas, tires, brakes. As Don said , where is the planning?


The Army Chief of Staff had a whole year to prepare for this, but now he's crying like a little baby because he didn't plan for it. General Odierno is supposed to be managing US Army installations, equipment and troops, their training and well-being. But he hasn't been an effective manager.

The Five Functions of Management are Plan, Organize, Direct, Control and Coordinate. First comes "Plan." He didn't do it (never mind the rest). I say get the hook. Between him and Uncle Leon the troops will suffer unduly. Already are.


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