“There's no article that comes into 'Foreign Affairs' that can't benefit from being cut 10%, for instance. And I assume the defense budget is the same way.”
— Gideon Rose, editor of Foreign Affairs magazine, speaking Wednesday on the impact of sequestration’s pending 10% cut in military spending.
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Succumbing like sissies to sequestration demonstrates lack of resolve to allies and enemies. (The Beltway Bandits don't like it either.) Imagine what US enemies would do when resolve fails!

Carter: Sequestration Would Demonstrate Failure of Resolve
WASHINGTON, Feb. 14, 2013 – If Congress fails to de-trigger the sequestration mechanism in budget law that will impose across-the-board defense spending cuts March 1, it could demonstrate to allies and enemies that the United States lacks the resolve, Deputy Defense Secretary Ashton B. Carter said here today.

The US threatens and sanctions Iran because of Iran's "ambitions" but the US might be attacked because of a lack of ambition?  Help me out here.


The main problem with sequestration, a law of the land, is that the Pentagon under its feckless unqualified 'leader' failed to plan for it. Certainly there's at least ten percent waste in the Pentagon, as described frequently on Battleland.

During a congressional meeting General Odierno piled on with stupid:  "we didn't plan for it because we didn't think it would happen." Don't bring him to the next war.

Panetta has been complaining about sequestration for over a year but that's it. Another notable complainer is Representative J. Randy Forbes (R-Va.) who went on a nation-wide tour to complain about sequestration. Forbes used a graphic display during a recent HASC panel meeting to illustrate the Pentagon's malfeasance, particularly the one-day notice halting CVN Truman's deployment, thus causing undue hardship upon 5,000 sailors and their families.
Note: "super committee failure" =  sequestration


10% is not unreasonable for all agencies. 20% would be better.


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