The Memo She Never Got

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Army photo

We’re not going to use the name of the female Army officer who did this recent formal Army interview following her two deployments to Iraq.

But we came across it, and felt it was worth sharing:

The reason I haven’t deployed [again] is that I spent a lot of time having children now…

After two tours I said, “Okay, it’s time to focus on me.” [Laughs] And my husband was like, “You’re not getting any younger. Let’s do this already.”

I miscarried the first baby.

Right after the second deployment I came back, waited about six months and tried to get pregnant.

Got pregnant and we miscarried.

When I actually delivered my daughter, my first child, the doctors were now telling females, “You need to wait about a year after you come back from the deployment before you try to start getting pregnant.”

I was like, “I didn’t get that memo.”

[Why did they say that?]

To flush the malaria pills and all the stuff we were putting in our bodies from the environment.

She’s now the mother of two.