When the Only Tool You Have is a Hammer…

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…all problems begin to look like a nail. According to a new Government Accountability Office report released Monday, the U.S. government spent 25 times more money on rebuilding Afghan security than it spent on humanitarian aid to Afghans.

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'When the Only Tool You Have is a Hammer'…is an excellent time to do things differently. Use a little of the ancient Chinese (human) thinking. Break the paradigma (and the taboo) at the same time. Use your brain, spirit and soul to evolve behavior to the point where 'hammers' are  used for many other (constructively positive) things than just the obvious. Human Cognition Rocks (when it doesn't suck)!



Security has been rebuilt? I didn't know that. 

-- Just one of the Afghan National Army's 23 brigades is capable of operating on its own without NATO support
--the Taliban remains a powerful force throughout Afghanistan and may try to regain lost ground through a campaign of assassinations and high-profile attacks.
--Insider attacks – the latest Taliban tactic – have the potential to derail the US war in Afghanistan.
--the insurgency’s safe havens in Pakistan and the corruption within the Afghan government “remain the greatest risks to long-term stability and sustainable security” in the country.


@Don_Bacon What a waste of money, but mostly our treasure. I am totally disgusted with the whole debacle of the wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan.


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