Coast Guard Hiring Lifeguards

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If there’s one thing you’d think the Coast Guard had on hand, it’d be lifeguards. It’s always cool to see their orange-and-white choppers hovering over the roiling surf to rescue folks in peril.

So that’s why it seems just a little strange to see the Coasties advertising for “lifeguard services.”

Isn’t that a little like the Navy hiring water, the Air Force hiring sky, or the Army hiring dirt?

Well, they’re not hiring lifeguards for those daring at-sea rescues:

The U.S. Coast Guard Air Station Cape Cod is in need of Lifeguard Services, Pool Maintenance and Optional Swimming Lessons for pool patrons at the United States Coast Guard owned pool located at United States Coast Guard Air Station Cape Cod, Buzzards Bay, MA 02542 in the spring of FY13 with four possible options years FY14, FY15, FY16 and FY17 for a total cumulative five year contract. The proposed period of performance for each year of the contract is the 2nd Monday of June through the Tuesday after Labor Day weekend in September. The Contractor shall provide all supervision, labor, tools, materials, products, equipment, and transportation for the day-to-day pool maintenance, lifeguard services and swimming lessons for pool patrons. The swimming lessons are an optional requirement.

Optional requirement?

Semper Paratus!