Nuclear Countdown?

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A 1946 U.S. nuclear test

Senior Obama Administration officials reportedly believe the U.S. nuclear arsenal can be cut by at least a third without hurting national security.

Of course, believing it secretly and declaring it openly are two different things.

…the officials’ consensus agreement, not yet announced, opens the door to billions of dollars in military savings that might ease the federal deficit and improve prospects for a new arms deal with Russia before the president leaves office. But it is likely to draw fire from conservatives, if previous debate on the issue is any guide.

…R. Jeffrey Smith reports over at the Center for Public Integrity.

Full thing here.


And to get New Start passed Obama lied about modernization of the remaining Triad and lied about modernizing the nuclear weapons infrastructure and NOW he wants more cuts.

Obama wants to be the anti-Reagan create a massive welfare state and weaken the military.


This argument of so-called savings from nuclear cuts is an absolute joke when compared to the gross federal budget deficit and spending. The recent Sandy Relief bill had $20 billion in PORK spending enough to fund nuclear weapons programs for 2 1/2 years.

Rather than tout these miniscule savings why don't you just say what the left and Obama wants, "To diminish the power of the US in global affairs"


Well nobody's ever accused the current administration of being particularly bright in this area. 


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