Huge Storm Blankets Northeast With Two Feet of Snow

Snow began to fall around the Northeast on Friday at the start of what's predicted to be a massive, possibly historic blizzard, and residents scurried to stock up on food and supplies ahead of the storm

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A behemoth storm packing hurricane-force wind gusts and blizzard conditions swept through the Northeast overnight, where more than 650,000 homes and businesses in the densely populated region lost power, roads were impassable and New Englanders awoke Saturday to more than 2 feet of snow.

More than 38 inches of snow fell in Milford in central Connecticut, and an 82-mph wind gust was recorded in nearby Westport. Areas of southeastern Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New Hampshire notched at least 2 feet – with more falling. Airlines scratched more than 5,300 flights through Saturday, and the three major airports serving New York City as well as Boston’s Logan Airport closed.

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disinterested3rdparty 1 Like

How many more billions will this snow storm cost the rest of the U.S. taxpaying mainland.  I have no problem with aid in the form of loans, but the free money giveaway that we always do is busting the bank.


... as the rest of the nation does the Fox News Snipes at Global Warming drinking game.


I blame George Bush.  He made this happen to enrich his cronies in the snow removal bidness.


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