WATCH: News Crew Gets Dangerously Close to Georgia Tornado

A crew from local station WSB-2 captured the tornado that swept through Adairsville, Ga. on Wednesday.

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There’s an old adage in news that warns journalists to report the news, not to become part of it. And for safety’s sake, that holds true particularly when it comes to natural disasters. But when a tornado was spinning near Adairsville, Ga., just 50 miles northwest of Atlanta, a news crew got dangerously close to the rapidly-moving twister that killed at least one.

Ross Cavitt of local news station WSB-2 was on the scene with his camera rolling just as the tornado swept through. In his commentary, he explains that the massive gray funnel cloud is about to cross I-75, the town’s major highway.

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The twister touched down in the small town of 4,600 just beyond the Atlanta metropolitan area around 11 a.m. Wednesday. Authorities have started to survey the damage, finding dozens of cars flipped over and many trees toppled.

Local news reports showed cars littering the highway and scattered across the landscape, apparently unable to avoid the tornado’s devastation. The town is centered around I-75, the crucial artery connecting Georgia’s capital to all points northeast. The twister led to the shuttering of the highway for a few hours as crews worked to clean up downed trees and cars on the roadway. According to the National Weather Service, one person was killed in an Adairsville mobile-home park.

Power lines were down throughout the town, with as many as 6,800 people without power, according to Georgia Power. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports a large manufacturing plant in Adairsville was leveled by the tornado. According to the Bartow County Sheriff, a number of “trauma and injury” calls were reported in the aftermath of the tornado.

The major storm is tracking toward the northwest according to weather reports, and Tennessee, Indiana and Kentucky were next in the storm’s path. The National Weather Service in Louisville, Ky. is reporting that twisters have touched down in the area.

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