— The decline in U.S. military spending in the final quarter of 2012, the biggest quarterly drop in more than four decades, the Commerce Department reported Wednesday. And sequestration hasn't kicked in yet.
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Look for another el cheapo quarter for the Pentagon, the second quarter of the Fiscal Year 2013, Jan - Mar. The government is currently operating under the Continuing Appropriations Resolution signed  by President Obama on September 28, which provides funding through March 27, 2013. The continuing resolution has proven to be a lean diet for the military–industrial–congressional complex. Boo hoo.

While sequestration has been delayed, Congressman  Ryan, the GOP’s budget guru, says that he thinks “sequester is going to happen.” Sequestration is now the next major deadline on March 1, followed by the expiration of the continuing resolution on March 27.

I guess the Beltway Bandits didn't get their money's worth with Buck and J. Randy failing to keep the gravy  flowing at full force.  Too bad.


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