Soldier Boy, You’re Gonna Carry That Wait

The VA keeps insisting it is getting its disability-claims backlog under control. Not according to a Government Accountability Office report released Friday.

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The VA keeps insisting it is getting its disability-claims backlog under control. Not according to this Government Accountability Office report released Friday:

…the average length of time to complete a claim has increased from 161 days in 2009 to 260 days in 2012. Moreover, in August 2012, 568,043 claims—approximately two-thirds of all compensation rating claims—were backlogged. In addition, timeliness of appeals processing at VA regional offices has also slowed by 56 percent over the last several years.

And note that the jumps represented by the highest bars, for 2012, doesn’t include the entire year.

What a way to treat our troops…and it’s not entirely the VA’s fault. The nation has always been willing to pay to send them off to fight, but less willing to do what is necessary when some of them come home broken and need to be put back together.

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Was told 13mos before I will hear anything back.  Great, I can't work and I'm homeless in the U.P. of Michigan.  Glad I volunteered and went to war, instead of being a politician.  Maybe my aneurism will pop and I will die, cause burying me would be cheaper the taking care of me.

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I am at 483 days now... I don't expect anything from them anytime soon. Dely, deny, and hope that I die.


@Acermmr5   Sorry to hear this.  I totally agree, it is BS.  I will pray for your situation.


@Acermmr5 Hang in there, guy. Think life. You will survive, I promise. I believe in you.


The truth is Americans are happier paying unearned entitlements to Mexican citizens living in our country than paying earned benefits to our troops.  The Mexican citizens who are living here illegally have liberal lobby groups and think tanks as well as the entire Mexican government working on their behalf.  The so called service groups who are supposed to be supporting and lobbying on behalf of our troops can't be bothered.


@screwedamericanThe truth is that Americans aren't paying unearned entitlements to Mexican citizens living in our country. The truth also is that uninvited Mexicans work hard putting fruits and veggies on your table which is highly unhealthful work without benefits. And forget the lobby groups and think tanks, you made that BS up. Finally, there is absolutely no connection between hardworking Hispanics and neglected troops, except in your mind.


The VA is not managed properly and that's entirely the VA’s fault, not "the nation's."

recent news report:  The GAO says in the first report that there's long been a disconnect between the positive wait time numbers the U.S. Veterans Health Administration gives and what veterans say they've actually experienced. The problem is, investigators say, the agency's wait time measures can be ambiguous and unreliable.

"Without reliable measurement of how long patients are waiting for medical appointments, VHA is less equipped to identify and address factors that contribute to wait times, or gauge the success of its initiatives to improve access to timely medical appointments..." the report states.

Veterans Health needs to clarify scheduling policies, more consistently follow those policies and reallocate staff to improve the time it takes to get vets in for care, the GAO says. It says the agency also must improve veterans' telephone access to appointment-making.

And there are other problems.

Sep 14, 2012
Office of Inspector General’s (OIG)
Testimony to Congress
Over the past 3 years, the OIG has issued seven reports on VA’s fee care program. Our audits and reviews of fee care have identified significant weaknesses and inefficiencies. Specifically, we found that VA had not established effective policies and procedures to oversee and monitor services provided by non-VA providers to ensure they are necessary, timely, high quality, and properly contracted and billed.

This is the result when military and veterans  affairs are run as a political for-profit operation, with a yellow-ribbon propaganda cover.


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