ADAM JAN / AFP / Getty Images)

Gortney as a three-star vice admiral in Bahrain.

“Let's talk about China. We're…trying to bring -- and I think doing a fairly good job -- of bringing China in a responsible part into a -- into a world power in here. But as we do that, I think it's important to recognize, for any history majors out there, have we ever been successful in that -- in the past? Anybody? I'll take your silence as no, we've never been successful in the past.”
— Admiral William "Bill" Gortney, head of U.S. Fleet Forces Command, in remarks to a Navy audience Feb. 16.
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Admiral Gortney (on China)  is incomprehensible, which is why his audience was silent. Apparently he thinks that the US is bringing China somewhere. Hah. Apparently the US has been unsuccessful. China hasn't yet adopted the US model of attacking and occupying foreign countries, except possibly financially.


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