The VA on Dr. Peter Linnerooth

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The Department of Veterans Affairs in Washington, D.C., has responded to the Jan. 2 suicide of Dr. Peter Linnerooth. The agency says legal requirements “forced” it to terminate his employment in late 2011 because he lacked the proper license. The VA said it told him he would be rehired if he obtained it.

The VA also said its staff in Reno says it never told Dr. Linnerooth that he could not get private PTSD treatment paid for by the government, as his family and friends maintain.

“Our heart goes out to Dr. Linnerooth’s family and friends,” the response concludes. Full statement here.

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Dr Linnerooth's experience outweighed any piece of paper.  The Veterans Admin was ignorant.  If they are smart, they will stop smearing a great person!


The Reno Veterans Administration, who terminated Peter Lennirooth, failed to recognize the consequences of their decision when they denied his request for a 90 day extension to complete the last testing requirement.  Pete had already obtained his license for the State of Nevada and was to close to completing his final test, when they fired him.  His qualifications were ignored along with his own suffering from PTSD.  The Veterans Administration pulled the trigger that ended Peter's life.

Sharon Walsh, Mother-in-law to Peter Lennirooth

Reno NV


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