Fulghum Finally Finishes

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Point of personal privilege. It has come to Battleland’s attention that David Fulghum, who has been churning out finely-machined pieces on defense aerospace at Aviation Week & Space Technology magazine for nearly a quarter-century, is hanging up his G-suit next week. Fulghum is heading back to the west Texas town of San Angelo, where he began his journalism career at the local Standard-Times more than 40 years ago, for a well-deserved retirement.

dave cover

Secret source

Mock AvWeek cover in honor of Fulghum’s retirement.

There are few reporters in Washington who have been able to cut through the white noise that is Washington defense chatter better than Fulghum. Whether the topic is the F-117 that fell into Russian hands, the prospect of cyber war, the looming conflict with Iran, or any of hundreds of others, his AvWeek dispatches have always been worth a close read.

“David A. Fulghum” is a name you often find buried in the bibliographies at the end of many popular, as well as scholarly, military tomes in recent decades. He has often served as the Portland cement helping bind much of what passes for military analysis to reality. Thanks Dave, for all the digging.