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Senator Jon Kyl

“We absolutely cannot know for certain that fewer numbers of weapons will make us safer.”
— Senator Jon Kyl, speaking about nuclear weapons on the Senate floor Wednesday, as the Arizona Republican gave his farewell address after 18 years in the Senate, following eight years in the House. Time cited him as one of the nation’s 10 best senators in 2006.
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If we have a Gun Ban then we need to get rid of the Nukes,,,get rid of the military...get rid of the border guard...get rid of immigrations and customs....get rid of bank vaults..get rid of stock market....get rid of jobs ...just sit home drink GOVT SUPPLIED beer, smoke GOVT supplied dope, and screw GOVT workers....yes that is all we need to do....drink some egg nog, eat some cookies, and sing songs.


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This is why approval of Congress is at 27% and holding, idiots like Kyl.


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