21st Century Military Pillboxes

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Robert Gates famously complained that health-care costs “are eating the Defense Department alive” when he served as defense secretary.

And that was more than two years before Monday’s Pentagon announcement of a contract to the McKesson Corp. of San Francisco for an eye-watering $2,609,494,450.

That’s right: $2.6 billion.

It’ll pay for pills and other pharmaceuticals for the “Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and individuals authorized medical treatment through military services.”

Thank God the contract is for “mail order pharmaceutical products.” You know, the ones that are cheaper than those you pick up in person at the pharmacy.


Hey here's an idea... quit handing out bottles of Ibuprofen like it's candy.


Let me the past 3 or 4 months I've seen several posts on how expensive Soldiers are and how everyone is faking PTSD. As I write this I am Afghanistan.  I am a multiple deployer. I have PTSD but have suppressed it b/c I don't want to be lumped in with malingerers like Dr. Ritchie writes about (which is how our senior leadership truly feels...she was the head of Army Psychiatry after all). It's nice to hear how a "grateful nation" has reduced me to dollars and cents.  The physical and mental burdens I carry from this and my previous deployment I will carry my whole life.


It's Big Pharma pushing pills, with the help of the medicos. The financial focus is on children and the military for profit growth from "captive" cohorts.


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