Red-Winged Greybirds Heading for Home…

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Navy photo / MCS 3rd Class Ryan D. McLearnon

The USS Dwight D. Eisenhower steams across the Atlantic Ocean headed for its homeport in Norfolk, Va., Dec. 10, after supporting missions in the European and Central Command AORs.

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Determine the location of the Ike. Here is the photo on flickr.

Military photographers sometimes forget to turn off the camera GPS.  If the Navy uploaded the image to Flickr using a Mac then using your iPad  tap the photo on Flickr to download the image.  Tap “Places” (under Photo button) and a map displays showing the location of the carrier. It may take several taps. (h/t Michael Yon)

I can't do this myself because I don't have an iPad. Think of the possibilities.


There was a lot of blog chatter that the Ike was loitering off Syria a week ago ready to do something, but I think we put that puppy to bed.


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