Marines Return Fire

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Marine photo

Doug Macgregor’s piece Monday taking the Marine Corps to task – and the Army, from which he retired as an outspoken colonel – is under attack over at the Marine Corps Gazette, the official jarhead journal. He argued that both services are ill-designed for likely coming conflicts.

“It’s an example of another Army take on Marine forces that simultaneously misunderstands both the Marine Corps and the Army,” Marine Captain Brett Friedman writes on the Gazette’s blog. “What Macgregor is actually arguing against, poorly, is light infantry; he just uses Marine and Army Airborne forces as marionettes in an attempt to distract the reader from his thesis.”

You can read the full thing here.

At Battleland, we like anything beyond the white noise of conventional military thinking. That’s why we gave a platform to Winslow Wheeler this week on the Navy’s future, and why we’ll let Macgregor sound off again on Thursday with a blueprint for a smaller, smarter U.S. military.

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Mr. Thompson,

Reading Macgregor's article underscores the poor quality of the intellectual content provided  here by Time along with your use of the disrespectful perjorative "jarhead" in describing an esteemed and respected professional military journal.  Your lack of respect for a highly honored branch of service is reprehensible, Colonel MacGregor's poorly stated case for reform wouldn't survive the first round of drinks at the Officers Club and would get him a fat lip at the NCO Club.  Stick to celebrity news and leave serious topics like the defense of our country to the professionals.


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