GI Bill®?

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In the constant blurring of lines between government and commerce, the Department of Veterans Affairs announces that it has registered “GI Bill” as a trademark. Bottom line: it can only be used by the government and those who comply with the VA’s rules on its use, slated to be issued by mid-2013.


The phrase already sports the circled R indicating a registered trademark on the VA’s website. Amazing: it can take a year for the VA to adjudicate a veteran’s claim, but important stuff like this happens overnight.

Unwholesome persons have been mis-using the term — there was even a website called — that wanted to tap into the military-education cash cornucopia.

Over the past three years, the VA says it has paid about $24 billion to some 866,000 veterans and family members — that’s an average of more than $25,000 each.

“Trademarking ‘GI Bill’ is a great step forward in continuing our mission to better serve this nation’s Servicemembers, Veterans, and their families,” said Allison A. Hickey, VA undersecretary for benefits.

What’s next? The U.S. A®my?