Uphill Climb

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Air Force photo / Tech Sgt. Rebecca F. Corey

Members of Provincial Reconstruction Team Ghazni and Afghan national police walk up a hill after their vehicles became stuck in the mud in the Nawur District, Ghazni Province, Afghanistan, Nov. 18, 2012. Members of the team visited the Nawur District to perform quality assurance quality control on a collapsed building and two comprehenisve health clinics.

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Ghazni lies on the important Kabul to Kandahar road, and has historically functioned as an important trade center between those two major cities.Apparently the 82d Airborne has pulled out of Ghazni and the 1st Infantry Division is there. The 82d was supposedly involved in the "final offensive in the decade long war in Afghanistan." Sure. When have we heard that before? (Or read it)

The Battle of Ghazni took place in city of Ghazni in central Afghanistan on July 23, 1839 during the First Anglo-Afghan War.  . .The British assembled two divisions from their Bengal Army led by Sir Harry Fane and another force of a single division led from Bombay by Sir John Keane. The Bombay Army, numbering some 6,000 men, would sail by sea and land near the Indus river and then march into Afghanistan to join Fane's forces. . . .Ghazni is still feted as a major feat of arms by [two] groups of [Indian] Engineers, which still exist today. The Bombay Sappers celebrate Ghazni Day each year on 28 February while the Bengal Sappers incorporated the Tower of Ghazni in their War Memorial constructed at Roorkee in 1911 to 1913.


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