“In our country, where a day of fully-fledged fighting costs $1.5 billion, just by shortening a war by five days, you ended up cover the whole investment in the system.”
— Israeli defense chief Ehud Barak, speaking at the Pentagon Thursday, on his country’s apparent $7.5 billion investment in missile defense, including the Iron Dome system that recently knocked down 85% of incoming threatening missiles from Gaza.
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How did Iron Dome shorten the Israeli attacks by five days? There were as many Gaza rockets the last day as the first, and at least fifteen percent of the inexpensive Gaza rockets were getting through the $50,000 (each) I.D. defense.

What curtailed the attacks was the obvious ineffectiveness of Iran Dome, as well as the Israeli air attacks.



A lot of people are saying that Iron Dome made a ground invasion unnecessary because they didn't have to deny them the space to launch the rockets. Unlike in the last Gaza war

And 85% is very good for a missile defense system. It's a lot better than the Patriot system during the Gulf War where the government lied about how many missiles were intercepted


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