China Lands First Plane on Aircraft Carrier

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Xinhua photo

An undated handout photo shows the carrier-borne J-15 fighter jet taking off from China's first aircraft carrier, the Liaoning. On Sunday, the Chinese navy said the plane also had landed, successfully, on the carrier.

Be afraid. According to China’s state-run news agency:

The successful flight landing…marked the debut of the J-15 as China’s first generation multi-purpose carrier-borne fighter jet, the PLA Navy said.

Designed by and made in China, the J-15 is able to carry multi-type anti-ship, air-to-air and air-to-ground missiles, as well as precision-guided bombs.

The J-15 has comprehensive capabilities comparable to those of the Russian Su-33 jet and the U.S. F-18, military experts estimated.

Be very afraid.

(American Eugene Ely was the first person ever to land on a ship, the U.S. Navy’s armored cruiser Pennsylvania, on Jan. 18, 1911.)

Navy photo

Eugene Ely lands on the Pennsylvania.

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The J-15 is a reversed engineered Russian Su-33.  It is also a very large aircraft operating off a fairly smallish carrier.  This carrier lacks catapults, which limits the take off weight of the aircraft.  Taken together, this means that the airplane has to sacrifice something to get off the deck.  Empty weight is fixed, so you either take less fuel, or fewer weapons (than a comparable US aircraft.)  Don't worry too much - yet. 


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