Drone Attack!

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Air Force photo / Airman 1st Class Christopher Griffin

An MQ-1 Predator like this one safely returned to its base last week after Iranian aircraft shot at it and missed, the Pentagon said Thursday.

Iran attacked a slow-moving U.S. MQ-1 Predator drone – allegedly flying over international waters last week – and missed. Kind of helps you keep the Iranian military threat, apparently such as it is, in perspective.

Pentagon spokesman George Little said the drone was 16 miles off the Iranian coast – four miles beyond Iran’s territorial waters – and flying over the Persian Gulf at the time. It was apparently minding its own business (reconnaissance) when a pair of Iranian Su-25 Frogfoot fighters (hey, that’s NATO’s name for it, not the Russians’, who built it) shot at it, without effect. “We believe,” Little said, “they fired at least twice.”

The drone landed unscathed, Washington complained to Iran via the Swiss, and Little warned the U.S. has a number of options it can take if it happens again.

This is serious business. But it’s interesting to note how much less serious it is because there was no U.S. pilot at risk.


SU-25's aren't fighter aircraft, they're heavily armed and armored strike/CAS aircraft with very limited air-to-air capabilities. The Frogfoot was designed as the Soviet counterpart to the A-10 in an era of conventionality. Anybody with access to Wikipedia can tell you that. The question is, why would Iran depoly SU-25's to fight drones? Did Iran really want to shoot down the Predator, or was this another political statement by Iran? With the incident so close to date on the election my guess is on the latter.


Interesting that the journalist did not indicate when this actually occurred.

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@jtrose365 Very interesting.  Especially since it occurred November 1--five days BEFORE the election, yet was only disclosed by our gov't yesterday AFTER the election.....the bigger story is why this information was suppressed for this long.  The timing of the disclosure is highly suspicious.  Voter suppression?  How about information suppression.  I thought that was the purview of countries like the USSR, not the USA. 


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