Another Sign This Is Not Your Father’s Army

Top military leaders have made clear that today's U.S. military couldn't exist without women, who make up about 14% of the force

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Top military leaders have made clear that today’s U.S. military couldn’t exist without women, who make up about 14% of the force.

During October, the Pentagon’s Military Health System (MHS) has been highlighting information related to female warriors’ health. The Army even has A Guide to Female Soldier Readiness.

The MHS recently noted that the Pentagon’s Human Performance Resource Center has tips on “reducing menstrual symptoms and suppressing the monthly cycle.”

The Human Performance Resource Center’s webpage on the topic gives what it calls its “BLUF” — bottom line, up front — concisely: “Women can successfully suppress menstruation over a period a time by using certain contraceptives continuously.”

What’s the militarily utility of that? “Many women, particularly deployed military women, want to eliminate menstruation because it can be inconvenient and even burdensome in austere environments,” the Web page notes. “Because many more women are being deployed to combat zones and perform many of the same tasks that men do, informing women in the military of successful ways to suppress menstruation is becoming increasingly important.”

Today’s military: making men out of women.


They are not needed in the military, they are there due to recruiting goals set by the individual services, nothing to do with "need". The military has a goal of 15% overall, with the Navy pushing for a 20% goal of females. They will hold of men enlisting in order to fill those goals, it is not a hard quota system in name but it might as well be. The General Officers (GOs) are just repeating the company line when they say we can't function without them. The whole thing with females in the military is such an unbridled runaway joke It has gotten to the point that when a GO comments on females in the military I assume he or she is lying. The Author ever going to cover the many arguments against integration or do some research on the military other than what agrees with his perspective on integration? How about one thing outside the one Capt. who is against and who did, or tried to do the same job as the men and said "no". 

When are people going to treat folks like they are, not how we want them to be but how they are. Men and women are very different physically & mentally, saying otherwise automatically negates any argument that you might be making. I have heard several females say that genders are a "social construct" and that if we would just let them open up they would be our equals physically as well. Ummm....yeah...that report is not due in any time now so gonna wave the BS flag. Not her fault, it is the culture of disconnect from the realities of military life that she and 90+% of Americans do not understand. This silliness has to stop, it has to stop. 


"Today’s military: making men out of women."

Agreed. And if that sounds wrong to you, you can blame your misguided friends who think that everyone should have equal opportunities despite the reality that we are created differently. The truth is, we are all equal in stature, but different in abilities. The military would do just fine without women... and that is not a derogatory statement unless you want to take it that way. It is just true.

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I have to say your last sentence is rather offensive. You're (more than) implying that all females who do not menstruate are not really women. Tell that to all the women using continuous birth control (not all in the military), the women who have reproductive health problems, the post-menopausal women... we are not defined by our ability to menstruate. That's absurd.


It reminds me of Farscape woman warrior who could "freeze" her pregnancy till after return from the battle field ... we are getting there. 


@pbernasc No, we are not. This is not the syfy channel, 120lb women in the real world do not really beat up 6' 220lb men. 


And from The Duffel Blog--

Female Marine Charges Obstacle Course With Sexual Harassment

OKINAWA, JAPAN - Charges of sexual harassment have been brought against the base obstacle course this week, after a female Marine from 7th Communications Battalion reported that “she felt extremely uncomfortable doing physical training on or around the object.”

The Marine, who wishes to remain anonymous, claims the O-course behaved in an inappropriate manner during a unit physical training session.

“I have never felt so ashamed and violated in my life. The course was all over my lady parts, then, it [the o-course] made me do terrible things,” she said.


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