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Marine photo / Cpl. Alejandro Pena

Marines work on their shooting skills at Camp Leatherneck, Helmand province, on Oct. 17.

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Are they preparing for another attack on their desert base? In any case they'll be leaving soon. The  ANA 215th Corps will take over the area. The corps commander,  Maj. Gen. Sayed MaloukMalouk isn't stressing rifle-shooting. 

news report:

Maj. Gen. Sayed MaloukMalouk emphasized that the public and the ANA have a common goal—peace. He added the ANA soldiers and Afghan civilian are exposed daily to the danger of war.“They’re tired of war,” said Malouk. “They’re frustrated, they no longer want to be in this war. This (war) is something that’s been imposed by other people from beyond this country; and the Afghan (insurgents) who have been fighting against the ANSF, they themselves have been victims of this war. They have been encouraged by those others.”

Brigadier Gen. Ghulam Farooq, deputy commander, 215th Corps: “We’ve had continuous war in this country, we’re tired of war and we wish for peace.”


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