Pitchfork in the Road

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travis sharp / CNAS

Travis Sharp over at the Center for a New American Security has put the various presidential defense-spending options into his calculating Cuisinart and pushed the Purée button.

It yields the chart above, which he has published over at The Best Defense.


What’s striking is Sharp‘s pitchforked path that the five options project into the future.

Romney’s two budget plans show military spending jumping nearly vertically from today’s spending levels.

The other three possibilities – President Obama’s Future Years Defense Plan, the post-sequestration plan that will cut defense spending to 2007’s level, and a post-Cold War-size drawdown – all show sharp immediate drops in defense spending. But all three slowly begin growing soon thereafter.

If national security and, in particular, defense spending, play a major role in who you plan to vote for next month, the choice couldn’t be more stark.

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I can't help but think Romney is just pulling his budget out of the air at random. "Lets increase military spending $400million. Thats a lot to you people, right?"


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