Combat, Up Close

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Two things are striking about this just-posted three-and-a-half minute video of a firefight in Afghanistan’s Kunar province last April:

— Just how unseen the enemy is.

— Just how unconnected Private 1st Class Red Daniels of the Army’s 4th Infantry Division is.

Clad in body armor, he’s hit four times and falls to the ground. He yells “I’m hit!” over and over amid the 25-minute firefight — just like they did in World War I. He doesn’t seem outfitted with a radio to summon help, nor is there apparently a fellow soldier nearby who can quicky come to his aid.

Talk about feeling absolutely alone.

Luckily, none of the bullets penetrated his armor. Daniels, who recorded the action with a helmet-cam, returned to duty after treatment.

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Afghanistan in a nutshell. Frantic, disconnected, unorganized, purposeless and unproductive.

Sean DeCoursey
Sean DeCoursey

I watched that video on YouTube right after it was posted.  Still can't figure out what that guy is/was doing.  He doesn't go for cover, doesn't seem to be communicating with his squadmates, and then after he gets hit he just lies there and yells for help.  What was he running down the hill for?  You can't see where the fire is coming from.  Why isn't he getting orders from his team leader or squad leader?  Why is he running around upright instead of hitting the deck?  Whole thing just feels off.


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