“I thought it was amazing that someone in her position would go on with that degree of certainty, that fast and that authoritatively and be that wrong.”

— Former defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld, commenting on the initial claim by Susan Rice, the U.S. ambassador to the U.N., that the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghzai, Libya, last month was a spontaneous uprising triggered by an anti-Muslim video.

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“I thought it was amazing that someone in his position would go on with that degree of certainty, that fast and that authoritatively and be that wrong.”    -Me, commenting on the claim by Donald Rumsfeld, that the Iraqis had WMD.


It was a knee-jerk coverup reaction, not unknown in politics.  At the time they were faced with explaining why Ambassador Stevens was in dangerous Benghazi on 9/11, visiting a CIA nest. It is not State Department property. It is not listed on this State Department list of all the US embassies and consulates in the world.

http://www.usembassy.gov/ Neither Obama, Clinton nor Rice have called it a consulate.

Chris Stevens fed and watered the jihadists when he was in Benghazi in 2011, and they came back and bit him. They may not have known Stevens was in this CIA nest (it wasn't a consulate) and so his death might not have been intended. Which is ironic considering that one terrorist Stevens helped and supported in 20111 against Gaddafi was Abu Sufian Ibrahim Ahmed Hamuda bin Qumu, a former Gitmo inmate who has been accused of leading the 9/11 raid in Benghazi that killed Stevens.

This is part of a pattern of the US assisting terror groups, without which the US wouldn't have its profitable "War On Terrorism." Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen,  Iraq, Libya, Mali, now Syria -- AQ is getting stronger as the US stumbles.


Although Obama was not prepared to accept it, what Susan Rice said was correct. Just five weeks before America’s presidential election, US intelligence reports signs that al Qaeda leader Ayman Zuwahiri is preparing a string of terrorist attacks as the sequel to the murders of US ambassador Chris Stevens and three other US officials in Benghazi on Sept. 11, according to evidence collected across Asia, Africa and the Middle East. His twin goals are to influence the poll’s results

and to build up his reputation as a master of spectacular terrorist operations.

Eager to impress Al Qaeda’s franchise chiefs, Zuwahiri is reported to be

celebrating his “Benghazi feat” The new terrorist chief claims his tactics had

an instant, devastating impact on Washington and they were therefore superior

to those of his predecessor, Osama bin Laden.

 A senior American source told DEBKAfle Tuesday that Tunisia, Libya, Mali, Nigeria and Egypt have been virtually denuded of a US presence. 

Middle East intelligence observers have told debkafile that they don’t recall

US diplomatic military and intelligence personnel, businessmen and technical

staff with their families being withdrawn from the region on this scale or at

comparable speed.

President Obama made American retreat his order of the day after refusing to

heed calls for a US military operation against AQIM and its head, Abdelmalek

Droukdel. It was Droukdel, according to accumulating intelligence who, acting

on behalf of Zuwahiri, orchestrated the Libyan Ansar al-Shariah militia’s

murderous attack on the US Benghazi consulate.

The Washington Post reported Tuesday, Oct. 1, that Obama also decided against a

punitive attack against al Qaeda’s stronghold in Mali.


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