A Modest Proposal…

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If someone had told Battleland when he was a whippersnapper on the defense beat that this pair of statements would be issued on the same day by the nation’s two ground forces, we wouldn’t have believed it:

— The Army announces that Major Nidal Hasan, the psychiatrist who faces trial for allegedly killing 13 people at Fort Hood three years ago, has been hospitalized at the Carl R. Darnall Medical Center on Fort Hood, where he is currently in good condition and slated to be released within 48 hours.

— The Marine Corps announce that a pair of Marine Corps staff sergeants, Joseph W. Chamblin and Edward W. Deptola, will face courts martial for allegedly urinating on the corpses of Taliban fighters in Afghanistan.

With all the legal brainpower at the Pentagon, shouldn’t there be a way to combine these two cases?