The final F-22 rolls out of the factory last December.

“I would add more F-22s.”

— GOP president nominee Mitt Romney in an interview with a Virginia television station. Production of the Lockheed F-22 Raptor was halted by uber-dove Robert Gates when he was defense secretary. The final F-22 rolled off its Georgia assembly line in December.

Restarting production would nearly $1 billion, not to mention the cost of each additional plane (the original 188 cost $358 million each). The planes have flown combat missions in none of the three wars (Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya) since they have been operational, and their pilots have had troubling breathing because of a flawed oxygen system.

Romney made the comment at the rather modest Military Aviation Museum just south of Virginia Beach. So perhaps he was just channeling the good vibes he was getting from all the museum pieces. Thank God he wasn’t interviewed at the cavernous Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center of the National Air and Space Museum outside Washington…he might have called for restarting production of everything from the space shuttle to the SR-71 Blackbird displayed there.

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Maybe we should just fix the 22's we have and consider more afterwards.... No need to restart the line when the first run isn't right yet.


I the F-22 has had nothing but problems,  I am suprised that Romney does not want to restart production of the The AirCo / de Havilland DH.9.

Thats about his speed;

Patrick Shane
Patrick Shane

The F 22 has not been used in

a combat despite the initial introduction of this jet in 2005. The last of the

188 planes rolled off the assembly line in April of 2012. It has cost The

United States more than $64 billion, more than double the initial expected


Now they have given another

contract to Lockheed Martin to fix the mistakes of the 188 planes that have


The US

spends more on its military than the next 19 biggest spending nations


This is where our nation

needs to cut its spending.


Eric Palmer
Eric Palmer


The planes have flown combat missions in none of the three wars (Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya) since they have been operational --- That is not a valid argument because those wars were permissive air and or old broken down legacy air defenses. 


The aircraft were grounded due to to breathing issues and pilots refusing to fly them.

Paweł Kasperek
Paweł Kasperek

And when Chinese start churning out J-20s USAF/USN might end on the receiving end on the seal clubbing... Ouch!


@Paweł Kasperek If the U.S. ever goes to war with China, you will be experiencing issues much worse than the F-22 being expensive.

1. It's not as capable in a fight as most other fighters.  It went up against German Euro-fighters AND LOST.  It never one a single engagement.

2. It's too expensive to fly, which means pilots who DO fly in it don't get as much training as they need to stay proficient in it.  Flight-readiness and flying time costs are about two and a half times higher than the F-16.

3. It has almost no stealth to speak of from a combat point of view.

4 "Supercruise" doesn't work.  It wastes too much gas, as it turns out and is not even living up to what it was designed to do.

And at nearly 400 million per plane, one would think that it would perform as designed, even if it was designed for a "cold war" kind of war that we don't have anywhere on the horizon. The long and short of it is that it's not an airplane the United States needed even before it was put on the drawing boards.


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