Eleven Years Later, the Nation Reflects on the Tragedy of 9/11

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Offering calm amid the chaos, New Yorkers gather to grieve and reflect at the 9/11 memorial, built on the site where the Twin Towers once stood. Memorial ceremonies nationwide brought communities together to remember the fallen.

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Israel TRULY does not need our "donations" to them.  

They have the premier air force and military in that region--and deary--they MOST DEFINITELY CAN! defeat Iran!!!!  

They just have enough sense to know that the costs would be HIGH and they want to avoid it if possible-cuz they are sensible!!!!!!--unlike the Iranians whom are nutcases!-and all true Americans KNOW that!(Don't you remember the "hostages"???)


@SarahLewis dont give your biased opinion about Iran, why don't you admit that in the 50's Iran's first democratically elected Prime Minister was assassinated and removed by the CIA who brought in a pliant Shah, because of all the oil in Iran.

That's why Iranian took hostages, not that they are genetically insane.

Don't you feel ashamed of your leaders who did this to the Iranians? I don't blame them for taking your embassy officials hostage because they were helping the Shah suppress and crush the Iranian revolution.

I think the Iranians were too kind, any other nation would have hung your diplomats like dogs in the streets for their crimes against the Iranian people.

You people instead of apologizing, have stolen or frozen $Billions of dollars of Iranian money, this is your reality Sarah Lewis, read your history after taking off your rose tinted glasses.


@shahg64 @SarahLewis Get over it. The Iranian PM was not first nor the last national leader to get assassinated. The US has lost a few Presidents of its own. Iranian Intel agents have killed political leaders in Lebanon, set off bombs elsewhere backed the past and ongoing massacres in Syria. Seizing embassies is on yet another level but that too is ancient history. It is not clear where other countries have hung diplomats in the streets despite being treated far worse and more totally dominated than Iran. Ireland and India for example.The torture and suppression experience of the Shah is unknown personally by the vast majority of Iranians alive today. The current regime has been torturing and killing for far longer than the restored Shah. Again move forward. It is a violent and brutal political system for those who get in its way (which of course the majority of people seek to avoid). But that is no reason to waste time moralizing one way or the other. Time to deal and I agree that neo-cons are as unhelpful as Fundamentalist Mullahs. The great tragedy is that underneath it all, there is no inherent struggle between Iran and the US, that why so many Iranians live here. Just too much political opportunism. 


In response to your anti-zionist, anti-Jewish, anti-Israel blurb--see my comment--there is NOTHING that you said that begins to address or alter in ANY way my previous comment.

Only this time, when you read it open your heart to hear the ongoing screams and cries resulting of the daily murders carried out by nutcase creeps! whom are CLEARLY NOT doing ANYTHING LIKE God's work--OR ALLAH'S!

shahg64 like.author.displayName 1 Like

@SarahLewis yeah Israel is god, no one can dare criticize Israel, if anyone does, they are anti semetic anti jew....ohhh please STFU


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