Pentagon Brass

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A euphonium

Battleland has known the thrill of listening to enough military bands to recreate Fort Leonard Woodstock. In fact, he used to know his way around both a trumpet and a tuba. There is something bracing, and affirming, in martial music, and it does boost the olde esprit de corps.

But amid the cries of belt-tightening, this shopping list of instruments for a Marine contract solicitation does seem a tad extravagant:

— Four French horns, listed at $4,619 each on Amazon.

— Two small-bore trombones at $2,989 apiece.

— Three large-bore trombones at $4,255 each.

— Two euphoniums (euphonia?) for $8,399.99 apiece.

— And one trombone bass for $4,315.

Fifes ($24.95 apiece) are starting to sound pretty good.