“It seems unlikely that female members of the Army versus those of the other service branches are truly at higher risk of clinically significant mental, musculoskeletal, reproductive system, and respiratory disorders as well as headaches (including migraines) after wartime service in the same geographic regions…Whatever the case, the finding deserves further investigation.”

— A new Pentagon report wondering why Army women seem to suffer more ailments than women from other services sent off to war.

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I remember a young female private telling me to make sure she didn't fall out of a company run because she had hip fractures. She shouldn't have been running at all, but she was afraid to speak up about her injuries. No one wants to be captain profile--even women. 

I think--when you factor in the weight of ruck sacks, body armor, a weapon--it's just too much weight for a typical woman's body. Not all, but most.


Simple: the USAF and Navy are less likely to be in austere environments, and female Marines are less likely to complain. Army is in that sweet spot of having an austere deployment environment combined with enough freedom of expression to be able to tell someone about discomfort.


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