NoKo’s L’il Kim Outmaneuvers His Military

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Time’s ace Asia hand Bill Powell dissects this week’s surprising uncoup by Kim Jong Un in North Korea:

Far from being deposed or assassinated, Kim Jong Un had been promoted by the Korean Workers’ Party (KWP) from the rank of general to marshal in the North Korean military. Prior to this announcement, there had been six vice marshals in the North Korean military. Now, the 29-year-old Kim Jong Un outranks all of them. (His father, by contrast, had been promoted to marshal, the most senior position in the military two years before his own father Kim Il Sung died.) Anticlimactic, perhaps, but not insignificant.

Full dispatch here.

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 Sometimes I wonder: What makes you U.S. Americans believe that your country is any different from Communist North Korea, even superior to it? Why exactly do you scoff at it?

Apart from your “elected” and hyped Commander-in-Chief (= some invader amp; assassin designated several years earlier by your big, economical groups and held above the Law and criticism – just like Kim Jong Un, too), you both bankrupt yourselves with military pomp and circumstance despite signs of heart-wrenching misery everywhere in sight, including young people dying in the streets of lack of basic health care! Are you truly civilized?!

Which of your two militarized societies (dystopias!) is less aware about how totally the System brainwashes it every day anew? Which of both prisoners in Plato's Cave are you?

At least the North Koreans still have one ENORMOUS excuse that gives them the benefit of doubt, most probably even more moral than you: In North Korea there is a complete censorship and lack of public information, while in the U.S.A. the extreme opposite is the case. The poor North Koreans are really completely in the dark about what happens outside their borders and even inside their own country, in the next valley (no newspapers, no TV, no licenses to travel, etc., etc.), while you U.S. Americans even have excessive information about every little detail that's wrong in your country – but to no avail. What's YOUR excuse for example for still not literally tearing apart 10.000 Neocons, Repugs and Wall Street bankers in the streets, à la Arab Spring, for perpetrating 11/9, two criminal invasions teeming with crimes against Humanity and a totally avoidable, unnecessary, criminally ill-managed Great Depression? Is it perhaps “lack of information” ?

Therefore the North Korean people is truly innocent of its own ignorance, while you U.S. Americans have absolutely no excuse for being in the widening abyss you're in now. That's why the Norks also have a better life ahead of them, even better than you: All they need is a single reformer like a Gorbachev or an Aung San Suu Kyi of their own. They even got their brothers and families (basically everybody!) in South Korea just waiting for them to kick down the stupid Wall – this one gesture is really ALL it takes for them to initiate their quick, disciplined ascent to Western living standards. The North Koreans have absolutely nothing to lose, only everything to win. You U.S. Americans are only gonna lose everything soon.

Deep down there BOTH you peoples are cowards: The North Koreans are cowards because they don't fight for their right to be free and to have a better life (unlike for example the brave, untamed Burmese further southwest, who refuse to cave in to their military dictators), and you U.S. Americans are cowards because you're too lazy and too conformistic to fight (meaning: Back at home = the only place where it really matters) and prefer to shut your eyes instead and simply PRETEND that “we're the best! U.S.A.! U.S.A.! U.S.A.!”, like perfect little twits.

Therefore both of you can't complain: Both of you got what you deserve – the only difference being that the Norks already hit rock bottom, while you're still on the way down.


 What did I write yesterday about North Korea's more than probable horoscope?

Today I read this in the news:

“Impoverished North Korea is gearing up to experiment with agricultural and economic reforms after young leader Kim Jong-un and his powerful uncle purged the country's top general for opposing change, a source with ties to both Pyongyang and Beijing said.

The source added that the cabinet had created a special bureau to take control of the decaying economy from the military, one of the world's largest, which under Kim's father was given pride of place in running the country.


The source has correctly predicted events in the past, including North Korea's first nuclear test in 2006 days before it was conducted, as well as the ascension of Jang.”

The rest:

Soo, from now on anyone who OPPOSES change and liberalization in dangerous, nuclear rogue state North Korea – even the country's top-top-top-general himself! – already gets sacked (or worse. There were reports of shootings) by some upstart kid whose birth year no one guesses... Must have been too much change for that steely, loyal, Praetorian general's head. Not bad! Not bad at all.

And now back at you: When will such fast-paced reforms towards progress happen in the U.S.A.? Ever?

You're falling behind... Don't fall behind North Korea some day.

But before you get excessively high hopes of peace, stability and prosperity in that region (a natural reaction) : North Korea's godfather China is an economic and military Super-Power (that even sustains another economic and military Super-Power, and its delusions of grandeur, too), yet even China still contents itself with the same modest number of foreign friends as North Korea does: 1

To some people (to one fifth of Humanity!) immense wealth isn't everything. Sometimes that makes me wonder: Is that good or bad?


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