Dari + Pashto = Big Bucks

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Buried amid Wednesday’s Pentagon contract announcements is this costly modification:

 That’s a third of a billion dollars for a contract due to expire in two months. Apparently, the Afghans are tougher to understand than we initially thought.

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 Whoahh. Divide that sum alone through the 6.144 amputees mentioned in an article before, and you've got 52.897,14 $ for each of them, for example for a nice robotic arm or leg for the rest of their lives.

I wonder though if they'll ever receive it, or if they'll simply leave hospital with a crutch, become jobless, then homeless, then hungry, desperate, and finally suicidal.

PRECISELY as the System devised!

Or maybe... reality even exceeds fiction?! Just throw in the following combination of search words into “Google's” search bracket, then read some of the unexplainable, mind-blocking results:

los + angeles + homeless + disappear


san + francisco + homeless + disappear


denver + homeless + disappear

(just use copy and paste)

Sincerely: Wouldn't all these destitute U.S. Americans be better off ( SAFER , above all... ALIVE !) living among the economically miserable Talibans, or even in Cuba or North Korea?


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