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Hard to believe the notion of “de-alerting” the nation’s nuclear weapons – removing them from their current hair-trigger status – remains controversial 20 years after the end of the Cold War. It simply shows how the national-security bureaucracy can metastasize into the national-sclerotic bureaucracy when it finds that it’s in its interests to do so. The Washington Post weighs in with an editorial Monday saying its time for both Washington and Moscow to end such a Strangelovian strategy:

Today, the United States and Russia have as many as 1,800 warheads on alert at any given time. This is overkill and unnecessary so long after the Cold War has ended.

Do you think?

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Kevin Brent
Kevin Brent

President Bush and Premier Gorbachev pulled each nations ICBMS off the hair trigger alert in 1991. Stop being Obama's whore Mark Thompson.


Now that psychopath Bush is finally gone (thanks only to the impossibility of a third term), a relieved, magnanimous Putin was willing to reduce Russia's big nukes to 1 % , his small nukes to 0 % , to stand down all his remaining nukes (to “de-alert” them) and even to let N.A.T.O. fence Russia in with anti-missile-missiles. Just when his pen touched down on the final treaty that was going to rid the World forever from the possibility a nuclear Holocaust, he saw a crazed, campaigning Romney grabbing and furiously shaking a cameraman and shouting (quote) : “Russia is my biggest enemy, you hear??! ONLY RUSSIA !!!”

Independently of Putin, China also agreed to relax in this post-Bush, laissez-vivre, economy-dominated atmosphere and scrap its big, expensive nukes unilaterally, until Hu heard Romney blustering on TV that (quote) “I promise to slap China!!!”.

Even Ahmadinejad was ready to yield unconditionally to the (evidently feigned) Western “fears and worries” about his peaceful, civilian, I.A.E.A.-supervised nuclear energy research and scrap it, when he saw Romney kneeling in front of Netanyahu and deeply asseverating him that he wants “israel” to choose all future U.S. invasions in the Middle East (with America's blood and treasure, naturally: Don't ask what can “israel” do for America, ask what can America do for “israel” instead).

And so on.

Sorry folks, sorry Mr. Thompson, but that's no way to run a nuclear-armed Super-Power. First you should call YOUR OWN Presidents and their contenders RIDICULOUS , before you call the high degree of nuclear preparedness of your enemies ridiculous. Or don't you really get that simple point? I for once wouldn't want to live in a World where only the U.S.A. have nukes.

If your country was just economically in shambles (which can happen in the history of every nation), including your Space program, your Aerospace industry and your aging nuclear weapons, etc., then NO non-American will ever lose any sleep over that, trust me.

The problem is that nowadays NOBODY can rely firmly on the U.S.A. anymore to elect TWO CONSECUTIVE , MINIMALLY SANE Presidents (let alone more than two), to produce durable “Change” ! (What did invader Saint Obama “change” ??) Just read some international opinion polls about the U.S.A. . If it wasn't for U.S. politicians, there wouldn't be really many other obstacles on the road to durable, global peace and prosperity. Don't fool yourselves with cretine political discussions, phony diplomatic gestures and half-hearted measures for every problem: You are your own and everybody else's biggest problem! In all seriousness, you can't pretend to be a Super-Power only to be recognized for ending World War I + II + III well, for some scientific or olympic milestones or for your entertainment industry, and be only a “small, powerless country” when it comes to the means and the consequences of your selfish, wasteful and inviable life-style. All my pets have more awareness of right and wrong than Super-Power U.S.A. .



If you add

– this mellifluous, eloquent, diplomatic, SURPRISINGLY REASONABLE U.S. American appeal to reduce, to home-base, to disable and to dismantle all Russian nukes (no further wishes...?! LOL !)


– to the U.S.A.'s badly explained, unilateral withdrawal of the A.B.M. Treaty,

– to the U.S. American, badly explained anti-missile-missile fence around Russia,

– to the U.S. American, badly explained, warship-based anti-missile-missile shield around the U.S.A.,

– to the U.S. American, badly explained attempts to confuse foreign warning satellites and radars with their own “conventional I.C.B.M. launches” (against uhh... “individual terrorists”, that's it!),

– to the badly explained, all-stealthy U.S. Airforce in the making,

– to the U.S. Armed Forces' badly explained attempts to be PERMANENTLY based all over Central Asia (= between rival Super-Powers Russia and China = two “reverse Cuban Missile Crisis” !),

– to the badly explained, almost total militarization of N.A.S.A.,

– to D.A.R.P.A.'s badly explained hyper-speed drones in low Earth orbit (H.T.V. 2 “Falcon”)

– and higher than that, in Space, too (= the equally badly explained X-37)

– to the U.S.A.'s sought-after, massive, global, land-based, quick amp; synchronized first strike capability against enemy Space assets, (just replace the civilian-sounding justification “many miniaturized 100-pound satellites” [WTF ??] with 'satellite-homing devices')

– etc. ,

it's quite evident that the U.S.A. are merely using ALL imaginable technical and political means (craftily sub-divided into separate, spaced, badly explained decisions; hoping that the Russians won't see the forest for the trees)

1) to increase their chances of success

as well as

2) to limit the damage to themselves

during a short distance / stealthy / upper atmosphere / Space-based / malware / nuclear / tectonic surprise attack against Russia, which the U.S. perceive as the last impediment to unrestrained global hegemony, or for other, even sicker motives (probably just banker-controlled Anglo supremacism). A Strangelovian strategy they NEVER really kept from pursuing!

Sometimes I just LOVE to add up A and B.


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