….the percentage of Navy ships rated as satisfactory by the Navy’s Board of Inspection and Survey (INSURV). “The rate of less-than-satisfactory ships has remained relatively constant, in the 82 to 86% range satisfactory,” Rear Adm. Robert Wray, INSURV president, tells Defense News. “That means about one out of seven or six ships is less than satisfactory. It’s either degraded or unsat.”

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I'm perplexed: Then where does all the U.S. Defense spending go (claimed to be “as much as half of the World's remaining Defense expenditures together”) ? Only into PROTOTYPES (“Ramp;D”), not into the maintenance of mass-produced weapons and means of transport?

Does the Pentagon perhaps need EVEN MORE money to maintain its inventory normally, so that every industrial product has the same, stipulated lifespan?


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