Broken-Windows Theory

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In sociology, the “broken-windows theory” holds that if a neighborhood or city doesn’t fix its broken windows and graffiti, the environment will continue to descend into crime, chaos and violence.

In Brazil, apparently, it means something quite different. Check out this pair of Brazilian air force Mirage 2000 fighters flying too low and too fast over a military ceremony July 1 in the capital of Brasilia. Watch closely: the first jet screaming overhead shatters nearly all of the windows in Brasil’s supreme court building. One of the pilots has been grounded for breaking…the speed limit.

And John Roberts and Anthony Scalia think they have it tough.



Don't you “Time” / “Battleland” editors have any penchant at all for conspiracy theories? I do. I can't even THINK STRAIGHT ANYMORE of SOOO MANY , much more exciting alternative explanations for banal stuff... For example: If I see someone walking 100 meters in a straight line, I already consider that to be suspect behaviour, an omen of trouble brewing around me, and usually I'm right.

Now to this “entertaining” article: Brazil was run for decades by feudal military dictators. These in turn were fought by armed leftist guerillas. Whenever the Brazilian Military Police caught these “terrorists”, they didn't treat them much better than Chilean military President Augusto Pinochet treated his prisoners, everything of course with full U.S. knowledge and support.

The current Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff was such a former Marxist urban guerilla. She fought armed against the Juntas, she was captured, she was tortured by her present military subordinates (life is funny), and she survived. Now she launched an investigation into the human rights abuses of that military dictatorship era.

Knowing Brazil personally well, I really wouldn't want to be in the uniforms of her former torturers and of their superiors. Brazil is big.

And the building most damaged by the DIRECTLY overflying Brazilian “Mirage” fighters in the capital is none less than the investigating Supreme Court.

But the “funny coincidences” – as I see them – (yeah, I know, keep laughing...) don't stop here: This “ambiguous sign” of the Brazilian Armed Forces kinda reminds me eerily of a recent “Battleland” article about another kukoloris New World country, also with cozy M.I.C.-Politics ties:


Those Air Force guys – some of them, at least – are so uncouth. (...) Take this painting, for example. “It looks like the F-16 just bombed the Pentagon,” one sighs privately.


(What's the problem with this guy following me all the time on the other sidewalk?)


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