Bet General Amos Loves This

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Here’s the latest in the Crazed Commerce Division of We’ll Peddle Whatever We Want and Give Some Money to the Military So Leave Us Alone:

According to a press release tossed over Battleland’s electronic transom, a “former Marine” – mistake No. 1, there is no such thing, most jarheads will tell you – has “just launched a line of premium beverages that are created with an award winning, patented, revolutionary process that utilizes energy driven oxidation and filtration to refine distilled spirits into a smoother, flavor enhanced experience.”

Great. Just what Marine posts need – a new brand of vodka created especially for a corps fighting alcohol abuse, and its ensuing tragedies.

Devil Dog Vodka will be coming soon to a PX near you!” says the websight. That’s got to please General James Amos, the Marine commandant, seeing as alcohol has been linked to corps’ woes including car accidents, sexual assaults and suicide. Not only that: the corps has the highest rate of binge drinking among the services.


Adds the PR announcement:

Devil Dog was designed to offer Marines and their supporters an incredible product at a surprisingly affordable price point. Additionally, they have pledged to donate 5% of revenue to Marine Corps charities. Media samples are now available!

The company’s website notes that vodka is the only Devil Dog liquor currently available. “Watch for…Devil Dog Rum, Gin, Tequila, Whiskey and Bourbon,” it adds.

Let’s hope this is one idea that doesn’t go multi-service.