Dining in War Zones

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U.S. troops make time for dinner.

When you’re far away from home, dodging bullets and humping a rucksack, meals loom as increasingly important reminders of home. U.S. Navy Lieutenant Andrew Sand has checked out what’s for dinner for the troops in Afghanistan for the New York Times’ At War blog. No surprise: the French come in first, rating 4 Exploding Stars. But what is a surprise is that the British tied the Franco gastronomes from across the channel. Zut alors!

Alas, the largely U.S.-run Camp Eggers doesn’t fare so well:

Fake Tex-Mex, fake roast beef, fake turkey and fake burgers. Even the real steak tastes fake. Given the selection, most meals ultimately degrade into some combination of cereal, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and saltine crackers. Slightly better than eating field rations in the mountains while evading insurgents, but not by much.

Full menu here.