DoD DaDs…

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"Dad -- you're home!"

The Department of Veterans Affairs is posting tributes to military fathers over on its Vantage Point blog (Sunday is Father’s Day):

Growing up with a military dad, all sorts of stereotypes come to mind:  strict rules of behavior, doing lots of physical activity, a rigid chore schedule and a family short on emotion (think Captain Von Trapp at the beginning of The Sound of Music).  Though he is a 24-year Veteran of the US Air Force and US Marine Corps, my dad couldn’t be further from that stereotypical image. Yes, we had chores growing up (come on, who doesn’t?) and perhaps over the years some might say we were very well-disciplined.  But I can honestly say, my father is the kindest, warmest and the most humble and patriotic man I have ever had the privilege of knowing (think Captain Von Trapp at the end of The Sound of Music).

Heartfelt and poignant tributes here.