Graphic Proof…That You’re Right!

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Here at Battleland, we take pride in airing both sides of the issue, from Mackenzie “F-15 Strike” Eaglen on one side of the military-might debate to Winslow Wheeler-Dealer on the other.

Amid all the doom about looming sequestration, we’d like to arm you with an important chart – no matter what side of the debate you’re on.

They come from a briefing that Tony Cordesman over at the Center for Strategic and International Studies issued Tuesday.

If you want to say:

My God, they’re cutting defense to the bone! Look at how military spending has become the poor stepchild to the geyser of entitlement spending. No wonder we can’t afford the military we need…

…click here.

But if you want to say:

What the heck is the Pentagon screaming about? When you look at its future budget levels, current plans call for them to grow, even after they’ve cut $487 billion from the coming decade’s spending plans. Enough of your crock-odile tears!

…click here.

Ain’t fibbing with charts fun?