P.T. Barnum: Call Your Office

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Think of it as the Good Housekeeping SEALS of Approval. It turns out a pair of former Navy special-forces types are turning out potions — “exclusively formulated nutraceuticals,” as they call them – to help you perform like a SEAL:

As U.S. Navy SEALs, we needed our bodies strong and our minds sharp to accomplish our missions even under the most stressful, challenging circumstances. To get the most out of ourselves, we exercised our bodies, trained our minds, and took care of both with a nutritious diet. We couldn’t afford any of the side effects that go along with prescription drugs. So we created our own formulas, using only the purest, most potent, pro-health ingredients.

A bargain, at only $29.99 per 60-pill bottle (“10% of profits to our nation’s heroes and families”).