U.S. Casualties Drop Sharply in Afghanistan

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A new Congressional Research service report is out detailing a steep decline in U.S. casualties in Afghanistan so far this year. Granted, the year is less than half over, but even if the 2012 data points (110 KIA, 634 WIA through May 10) are boosted proportionately to reflect a full year’s toll, wounded and killed Americans would still be well below the annual tolls for 2010 (499 and 5,246) and 2o11 (414 and 5,195).

Pentagon officials have said in the past that increased American casualties were because the U.S. and its allies were taking the fight to the Taliban. These numbers are sure to rise as the fighting season continues on through the summer, when casualties rise. (h/t Steven Aftergood of the Secrecy Project.)