Breakthroughs TK

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“TK” is what we write in the draft of a Time story in place of facts we don’t yet have, like someone’s age or hometown. That’s kind of like the Pentagon latest list of 190 awards for high-tech gear to help the nation’s scientists develop the next big thing. The instrumentation will be used for, among other things:

Magnetic Resonance Imaging for Socio-Cultural and Behavioral Neuroscience (for helping diagnose PTSD, perhaps?)

Equipment for the Study of Micro Air Vehicle Gust Response (dealing with wind remains a key problem for miniature drones)

High-resolution Electroencephalograph for Measurements of Brain Activity (to determine if some Pentagon decisions are as brain-dead as they appear)

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Ultra-fast Spinning Probe to Investigate Spider Silk (if Spiderman won’t enlist, we’ll build our own!)