Sky’s The Limit…

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Now that we have West Coast missile defenses to protect us from ICBMs North Korea doesn’t have, the House Armed Services Committee’s strategic forces subcommittee wants the Pentagon to consider building an East Coast shield to protect us from ICBMs Iran doesn’t have.

Here’s the language from its slice of the proposed 2013 defense authorization bill:

“What we’re advocating for is a real recognition that there is an emerging threat, that we know what Iran’s intentions are,” Rep. Mike Turner, R-Ohio, chairman of the subcommittee said last month. “We know what their technological pursuit is. We know how that will hold the United States at risk…That’s our focus. It is making certain that we have a viable missile defense system so that if Iran achieves the technological capability to threaten mainland United States that part of our deterrent is having them have doubt that their system would actually be effective.”

h/t: Danger Room