iPod, You Pod, He, She, It Pods

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So the Air Force announces this contract Friday afternoon. The only description of what’s being bought and/or upgraded are “pods.” C’mon Air Force: Aim High, and tell us taxpayers what you’re buying for $53 million.

  Northrop Grumman Technical Services, Herndon, Va., is being awarded a $52,848,888 fixed-price-incentive-firm, cost-reimbursement, and firm-fixed contract for the pod upgrade program.  This program is for non recurring engineering services for engineering manufacturing development phase, delivery of four prototype upgraded pods and two each modified sets of support equipment, production of low rate initial production upgraded pods as a basic contract option with quantities from one to 42.  Low rate initial production support equipment will be a basic contract option manufacturing development phase, contract options for production lots in quantities from one to ninety.  Along with production pods, the contractor shall produce production pod support equipment kits in quantities from one to 12.  The location of the performance is Warner Robins, Ga.  Work is to be completed by April 19, 2017.  WR-ALC/GRWKA, Robins Air Force Base, Ga., is the contracting activity (FA8540-12-C-0004).